Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ummm... how about we make this Day 1?

Ok. So for the past couple of days I've been with friends, and I obviously can't blog when they're around! But now I'm back... and I'm not too pleased.

Jan 6- 1500 cal (My mom bought vegan cupcakes for me and I'm weak. So, yeah.)
Jan 7- 500 cal
Jan 8- 1250 cal

And my BMR is 1300... so 500 is awesome, 1500 pretty much sucks, and 1250 is hardly acceptable. For the record.

And today I got on the scale and it said 104.2. That's NOT ok! I need to be 98 by the time I go back to school in two weeks... so hopefully this number has something to do with my current state of menstruation (as in, I'm doing it right now).

Luckily, today I've only had 300 calories and the only meal I have left is dinner... so I have 600+ calories to spare! I love when that happens; I feel safe.

Those arms and thighs and calves...

Can you tell that I have a bit of a leg-obsession yet? ;)

Tiny, tiny wrists. <3

I'm feeling hungry, so I think I'm gonna have a veggie burger (100 cal) and then go watch an episode of Chuck while I ride the exercise bike (-300+). Good plan?

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  1. Ah, vegan cupcakes. I messed up with a vegan cookie today. I think it's just that vegan sweets come by so rarely. When they do, they're an Event, and very hard to resist ._.