Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 2: tofu!

I had A LOT of tofu today. It was awesome! :)

Intake- 1300 (not so awesome... but whatever, I guess...)
(-) Burned- 300
Net- 1000

Which isn't too shabby...

^^^ I've been watching Gossip Girl lately ;)

So, I'm almost definitely going back on Thursday. I'm actually feeling better about it; my classes don't start until Monday, but I like being early and having time to settle in. Maybe I'll even see D...

Hopefully not right away, though. I miss him, but I don't want him to see me like this: bloated with breakouts. I want to see him when I'm TINY... though if I leave it up to him to schedule time for me, it could be weeks!


How were/ are your days? Good?

On pilates

It seems I'll be heading back to school sooner than expected. We're in the process of selling our house and it's really stressful... and my mom basically just told me to save myself.

Hahaha. It's funny in a slightly pathetic way...

So, yeah. I may be going back tomorrow or Thursday morning. It feels weird. It's too soon...

Anyhow, the reason for my post:

When I go back to school, I'd like to start doing pilates. I read about all you guys doing it and I feel left out :-P

BUT I'd like some advice: where do I start? What kind should I do?

Anyone have any internet links?

Thank youuu! <3



I don't understand!!! According to the numbers, I should have lost almost 2 lbs by now... meaning I should be in the 101s or 100s at MOST.

These extra pounds BETTER be due to my digestive issues... and come of immediately upon my return to campus.

^^^ I love MK. She's small like me, so her look may be actually attainable...

Lily Cole <3 (Fun fact: I always wished I were a redhead)

ALK <3 (Another fact: I'm currently obsessed with bangs. Big, blunt bangs. There's some alliteration for ya...)

Kaya Scodelario <3 <3 <3 (Yet another fun fact: I love Skins and I'm angry that my country has come up with some crap version of it...)

In other news, I had to change my current weight on my stats to 104, as it's been over 3 days since I've been 103. It nearly killed me...

GOOD LUCK, you guys! I need to live vicariously through you... :)

P.S. A new (old) rule: I'm not going to eat after 6 pm. Ever. Again. Hopefully, this will help with my digestion somewhat...

Day 1: Black Swan

Holy crap. What a film! So beautiful, so intense.


And such thinspiration!

Gah. I can't form a coherent thought. Maybe in a couple of days...

(P.S. Pictures to come!)

Um... alright. Anyway...

Intake- 1250
(-) Burned- 300 (woohoo!)
Net- 950

Which is perfectly acceptable. ;)

Now, I just need to keep this up until Saturday... I'm supposed to go back to school weighing 98!!! (Not that it's a likely number at this juncture...)

I hope you're all having a splendid day!!! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011


Ok. So the last two days were fails (two words: vegan cupcakes), but there is very little temptation left in the house, so I should be fine.

^^^ I'm slightly obsessed with Gemma Ward

I'm planning on leaving on Saturday, so I just have to get through til then.

1200 cal. 1200 cal. Plus exercise...

I hope you're all well! I'm off to see Black Swan and then I'll catch up on all of your lovely blogs! :)

Days 0 and too much weight

For the past two days, I've had nets of 1500 and 1175 and weights of 104.2 and 105.2 respectively.



Saturday, January 15, 2011



Kill me. Just kill me.

1. 1200 calories a day
2. sit-ups in the morning
3. stretching at night
4. push-ups MWFSat
5. exercise bike EVRY SINGLE DAY
6. tea and prune juice in the morning

Otherwise, a day does not count as a "Day."

If I can do this every day until I go back to school, I will be immensely proud of myself!


Day 0: the downside of dinner parties

... is that you have to eat as to not offend the person who made the food. And the fewer the attendees, the more you have to eat.

There were 4 of us, and she made just about everything vegan just for ME. So sweet, but ugh!

Intake- 1500 (FAIL.)
(-) Burned- 400
Net- 1100 (FAIL.)

So, yeah. I failed. And you know what? Later today I have an obligatory lunch.

I hate this! Why must we always socialize over food???

I hope you're all doing MUCH better than I am!

Friday, January 14, 2011


... which I don't think is bad at all, all things considered. It's just that I have to go to a dinner party tonight, and I'll be seeing an old friend with whom I'm EXTREMELY competitive and I hoped to look stunning. But, alas, my digestive woes have taken their toll on both my stomach AND my skin. (Seriously, I look like crap... and my skin feels dry and gross so I FEEL like crap as well.)


BUT I'm drinking some hot tea right now, so I'm hoping it will help me out AND I've made a few resolves:

1. No more dried fruit until my digestive system is working properly. (Shouldn't be impossible since I finished most of the open bags yesterday... :-/ )
2. Finish the book I started over break- Tammy Wynette: Tragic Country Queen. I really love it so far, but I've been spending all my GD time on the computer, etc. (This will make me feel much less like a failure upon my return to school.)
3. In addition to my prune juice, drink hot tea every morning.
4. Continue my morning sit-ups and stretch every night before bed.

What do you think?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 3

Intake- 1250
(-) Burned- 350
Net- 900

I felt a binge coming on after dinner, and frankly, I still don't feel quite out of the woods. All this damn dried fruit... I swear it'll be my undoing! My crampy, bloated undoing...

(Apparently, "crampy" isn't a word. Oops.)

If only my torso could ever look like that... but it's too short and stubby. I need a corset or something.

Anyhow, today was alright and I followed the rules I set for myself, so that's good! And I find that by aiming for 1200 calories, I don't over-eat just because I've been exercising, and if I haven't exercised, I NEED to in order to bring my total down.

If that makes sense. My brain seems to be a bit tired today. From what? I don't know, since the past month has consisted of me watching TV and going on the computer. I SHOULD have been reading. I even brought home books to read...

I guess I just kind of feel like a failure right now. It sounds stupid, but I think it's this morning's weight. I guess I just expected to be less right now (after 2 days of this new eating plan? Seriously?).

I sure do dream big... which in this case is actually SMALL.

I hope you all had/have a wonderful day! :)


I hopped on and off the scale 5 or 6 times willing this to not be so but, alas, I have GAINED weight.

This had better be a fluke.

I think it is, because my stomach feels squirmy (a great description, right?) and my digestive system seems more screwed up than usual, so maybe I DID get that stomach thing my brother had...

Positive thinking. Positive thinking.

I'm anxious in a way to get back to school, because that's the only place my stomach seems to work these days... and I few like AT LEAST a couple of these pounds are from, erm, unfinished business, so I'm excited to see the number on the scale when they come off!

And I'm planning on going back late next week, so I don't have to wait long, I suppose...

I dislike school at the moment (or the thought of school, really), but I also dislike being a bloated mess.

P.S. Welcome new followers! How are you on this fine day?

Day 2

Ahhh! I didn't get around to posting yesterday. Things are kind of crazy here because we're trying to sell our house, etc. :-/ Anyhow...

Intake- 950 (huzzah!)
(-) Burned- 0 (wah wah...)
Net- 950

Which I'm rather pleased with. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Handy-dandy chart

from I Told You Not To Eat:

I need to memorize this thing!


Thank goodness! Really.

For a split second, the scale said 103.4 and I swear I was about to have a meltdown, and then it went down to 103.2... and then 103.0.

I would have preferred 98, but this is something! (And hopefully NOT a fluke!)

Also, my stomach already has a line down the middle and dimples on the sides from the sit-ups I did! I used to absolutely detest how easily I can gain muscle because I always gained in my thighs and they started taking over the world... but I like gaining it in my stomach!

I feel like a superhero whose powers are finally being used for GOOD and not evil...

Ok, bad simile. I'm going to stop talking now. More Miranda Kerr thinspo:

*immense envy*

Alright! Here's hoping for the 102s by tomorrow!

Also... HOORAH for followers in the double-digits!!! Shucks, you guys! :)

P.S. My mom just came in and advised me to eat light since one of my brothers is sick. Well, you know what, Mom? I will do just that! ;)