Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Again. ksjfbnkjwrg

I'll blame it on all the dried fruit and my crap digestive system. And my moronic ways.

and the lovely Miranda Kerr:

She has an incredible body! She really does.

So today is my first day of my 1200 plan, when I will actually consume 1200 calories. Or less. Less is always good... but not TOO much less or my metabolism will slow down.

What am I saying??? Less? I think I'm getting ahead of myself because, you see, I haven't even whittled my calories down to 1200 yet!

But I WILL. Today. It's happening.

Also, today I'm going to start working my abs consistently. No more random sit-up sessions. No! Every. Single. Day. I'm going to wake up, put in my contacts, etc., and then do as many as I can (around 20-something, the last time I checked. Yes, I am a weakling) before weighing myself. Then, later in the days I will join my mom in this strange exercise she does for her obliques, involving a large ball...

It's happening. In fact, I'm off to do some sit-ups right now...


  1. I see we suffer from the same ailments, crap digestion and moronic ways! I avoid dried fruit like the plague for the former abovementioned reason! Lovely thinspo. Babe!

    Best of luck with your new plan. Take it from a fuck-up with a fucked up metabolism. Look after the little devil or it will make your life a living hell!

    Have a great one! <3. XXX.

  2. :) Will do! And hooray for disobedient stomachs!!!