Monday, May 20, 2013

so I'm really the worst blogger ever...

I say I'm gonna catch up and then I go away for basically the whole semester. Awesome.

I just read back through the last few posts I posted and wow... that seems like ages ago. I'll briefly catch you up:

S isn't a thing anymore. He's nice and I enjoy being his friend and seeing him in class but he's too young to date or whatever.

That cute guy from the hotel when my flight got cancelled? Hung out with him a couple of times when we got back to school. Then ran into him at a party a few weeks later that I went to with S (it was a casual thing) and ended up hooking up with him (mistake). Trying to pretend it never happened.

N... pretty over that. Still love him as a friend. But he had his chance and didn't take it. But now I'm really into his friend. (I can't remember if I assigned him a letter... I'll have to check on that.) He's my top priority at the moment...and there's a whole saga, but that can wait/ it really isn't too important.

A is still with that girl and now they're basically dating, but I think I've accepted it. I even told the girl one time when we were drunk that if he isn't with me I'm glad he's with her. Which is true...I think. And she appreciated it, I think... Anyhow, I feel like A and I are actually becoming friends now which is really nice because I do like him and care about him and I think that he likes and cares about me too. So that's nice.

As far as my weight goes, I don't know. I'm sure I didn't lose any since my 114 (with clothes!) weigh-in, but I don't think I gained a ton. But I definitely gained (or at least I feel like I did...and I was eating around 1500-1700 a day which is more than usual) and didn't end up feeling ANY less tired so screw that. I accidentally missed my last appointment, so now I think I'm just not gonna do it anymore. I've been aiming for 1200-1300 for the past few weeks which I've followed (aside from 2 drunk screwups... I plan to stop drinking less frequently which is really inconvenient since I'm turning 21 next week).

I'm home now, but I go back to school for a couple of days before I go to the city and start my internship (!!!), and I plan on weighing myself then. And I'm pretty nervous about it, so I really need to continue to eat well.

This is probably not my most coherent/ well-written post. I apologize. I'm mad tired and it feels mad late... event though it isn't even midnight.

Anyhow, I hope you're all well. And if you're still following me after all of my ridiculously long absences, know that I appreciate it. A lot.

Goodnight! I promise to post soon. Actually. I do miss this place and I REALLY need to get back on track.