Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 0/ Introduction pt. II sans tea

I don't want this blog to be just like my old one. I want it to be shiny and new! (Or lacy... I prefer lace.) Hopefully, as I start to post more and more I'll start to figure out where exactly I'm going with this...

But for now, how about I talk about today:

I ate 300 calories of soup (tofu and mushroom... which are possibly my two favorite foods ever!) and then burned 300 calories on the exercise bike.

Tangent alert!

I LOVE that damn bike. Love it. Want to have its children. Etc.

Before this winter break I'd never really used it. I'd always prided myself on being an elliptical person (we've got one of those as well)... but you know what? The exercise bike is sooo much easier and ore convenient: I take my laptop and rest it on the handle bars, and as I ride I can watch DVDs and check blogs, which makes time go by faster and the calories-burned relatively painless.

Yesterday, I burned 700 calories without even realizing it! It was magical. It really was.

Tangent over.

So, yes. I rode the bike and then I had 50 calories worth of dried fruit, leaving me with a net total of 50 calories.

And it's 5:45 PM. Go me!

(I think that for my next post I'll try some kind of calories consumed/ burned chart a la Adeline, as her blog is INCREDIBLE! I found it a couple of days ago and simply had to read it from the beginning. It's elegantly written and downright inspirational!)

I'm going to eat more, though. To some, this may seem kind of high, but I usually aim for a net intake of 950- 1000 calories and/ or consuming 1200 calories and then burning off however much I see fit. Why? Because someone once told me that eating 1200 calories will keep you out of starvation mode... and that's my goal, for I DEEPLY want to lose weight, but I also don't want to screw up my metabolism (then I'd just gain A TON of weight later on in life :-/) and I might just want children someday.

Or child. Maybe. Possibly...

So that's my philosophy-- not that it's worked wonders or anything! (I wish.)

What's yours? Any tips for a newbie to this community?

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  1. 1200 is definitely smart, if you eat that consistently from the start. Sometimes I wish I'd done that, but now if I actually allow myself to digest that much it wreaks havoc on my stomach. I'd have to work up to it slowly. And I have this OCD thing where anything over 800 is bad. I'll tell myself that it's okay to go up to, say, 900, but I can't feel good about it. So I think what you're doing sounds relatively healthy, although it's not my method.