Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 0: the downside of dinner parties

... is that you have to eat as to not offend the person who made the food. And the fewer the attendees, the more you have to eat.

There were 4 of us, and she made just about everything vegan just for ME. So sweet, but ugh!

Intake- 1500 (FAIL.)
(-) Burned- 400
Net- 1100 (FAIL.)

So, yeah. I failed. And you know what? Later today I have an obligatory lunch.

I hate this! Why must we always socialize over food???

I hope you're all doing MUCH better than I am!


  1. Ugh, TELL ME ABOUT IT!! I can relate all too well; it's like 'let's get together! Wanna go out to dinner?' There are also movies and hikes and other plans that do not involve food, I try and form things around those instead as much as possible. If only others would follow...


  2. Exactly!!! I suggest movies all the time, but then people start throwing in dinner, etc.