Thursday, January 13, 2011


I hopped on and off the scale 5 or 6 times willing this to not be so but, alas, I have GAINED weight.

This had better be a fluke.

I think it is, because my stomach feels squirmy (a great description, right?) and my digestive system seems more screwed up than usual, so maybe I DID get that stomach thing my brother had...

Positive thinking. Positive thinking.

I'm anxious in a way to get back to school, because that's the only place my stomach seems to work these days... and I few like AT LEAST a couple of these pounds are from, erm, unfinished business, so I'm excited to see the number on the scale when they come off!

And I'm planning on going back late next week, so I don't have to wait long, I suppose...

I dislike school at the moment (or the thought of school, really), but I also dislike being a bloated mess.

P.S. Welcome new followers! How are you on this fine day?

1 comment:

  1. thank you for the thinspo, and those pounds are sure to come off soon!