Friday, June 28, 2013

In the city

So I've been here for a month, working and doing all that fun stuff. I finally weighed myself right before I left to come here and I was 114. And then I weighed myself last week (3 weeks later) and I was 111 on a fairly full stomach, so I was pretty psyched about that since my first GW is 110.

And then I weighed myself about a week later (2 days ago) and I was 112 and that totally flipped me out even though I also had a pretty full stomach and weight tends to fluctuate more than that anyway, so now I'm discouraged.

AND my mom's been in town for the past two days and we've been going to restaurants and so I've been eating a lot more than usual. And so now I'm scared for next week. I was doing so well!

She's gone now, so I should be able to get my shit on track now but I'm probably gonna go out with people tomorrow so alcohol calories... Does anyone have any favorite fairly low cal alcoholic drinks btw? I'm thinking of just doing a rum and diet coke. But I LOVE margaritas. Especially if they're frozen. And at a Mexican restaurant.


I don't know if anyone's out there anymore, but I'm gonna post some thinspo now. I don't remember where I left off in my album (or if I even posted any from this new album) so maybe I'll just go back to the beginning?

Happy weekend!