Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 1: Black Swan

Holy crap. What a film! So beautiful, so intense.


And such thinspiration!

Gah. I can't form a coherent thought. Maybe in a couple of days...

(P.S. Pictures to come!)

Um... alright. Anyway...

Intake- 1250
(-) Burned- 300 (woohoo!)
Net- 950

Which is perfectly acceptable. ;)

Now, I just need to keep this up until Saturday... I'm supposed to go back to school weighing 98!!! (Not that it's a likely number at this juncture...)

I hope you're all having a splendid day!!! :)


  1. You'll be at 98 soon. 103 is so close. I would kill to be either - though I am a bit taller, you're teensy in comparison to me!

    That photo is a crazy juxtaposition of extremes...

    Thanks for the encouraging comments on my post, I really appreciate it dear :)

  2. Pictures? I love pictures! I hope they're of you. If so, I'll bet you're cute as a kitten! <3. XXX.

  3. I want to see that movie SO BAD!
    I couldn't convince anyone to go see it with me. :(

  4. Cinnamon- I meant pictures of the movie haha, but perhaps I may post a picture of two of me... eventually ;)

    And warlocks- I couldn't either, so I went alone. It was literally a bunch of elderly people and me!

  5. I'd rather look at you! Nats and Mila are so smug! Ha! <3. XXX.