Monday, January 10, 2011

Not Day 2, but not NOT Day 2

Intake- 1600 cal (holy shit)
(-) Burned- 600 cal
Net- 1000 cal

By recording my intake for the past two days BEFORE taking off what I've burned (usually, throughout the day I'd keep numbers in my head: like, say I ate 500 cal between breakfast an lunch, but walked off 100 of those calories, I'd tell myself "400," combining the two lists), I've come to realize that I eat too freaking much.

And to think I used to think I ate too little! Psh.

Anything above 1200 is NOT too little, according to pretty much every source I've read on this, and I guess I thought that I MUST be eating that since my ulti-list (see above^^^) was usually 1200 or below.

Can someone please explain to me how I managed to pass my first semester of college?

My resolve: eat 1200 cal... as in, put 1200 and only 1200 calories (or less!) worth of food into my mouth a day.

So, no. I've done fine (I guess) today, but today is not Day 2... and yesterday was not Day 1. Not really. But hopefully, tomorrow will be.

On a cheerier note, a third story: Two days ago, I was with two of my friends. One of them, let's call her B (the one who said I looked skinny), pulls out a cardigan from her overnight bag and tries it on, but it's too small. She mutters something about it shrinking in the dryer, and then immediately looks to me. She asks, "Do you want it?"

Well, duh, B! Duh!

So... not only did I get a WONDERFUL compliment, but I got a free cardigan. And it's really cute (it's from Urban Outfitters).



  1. im glad youre smaller than your friend. haha.
    good luck with your new plan! 1200 sounds really healthy!

    stay lovely. <3