Monday, January 17, 2011


Ok. So the last two days were fails (two words: vegan cupcakes), but there is very little temptation left in the house, so I should be fine.

^^^ I'm slightly obsessed with Gemma Ward

I'm planning on leaving on Saturday, so I just have to get through til then.

1200 cal. 1200 cal. Plus exercise...

I hope you're all well! I'm off to see Black Swan and then I'll catch up on all of your lovely blogs! :)


  1. hope you enjoy black swan! i definitely did.
    stay lovely and good luck! <3

  2. 1200 cal is what I am going to be doing as well!
    and I am also obsessed with Gemma Ward! I can't remember the name of the honey I used, but as long as it's organic, than it's fine. You definitely don't want preservatives on your face!

  3. vegan cupcakes? lets pretend I didn't read that...I'd devour them.

    I loved Black Swan. Portman was amazing <3
    The whole movie was good thinspo too