Friday, June 24, 2011


So I'm staying at another family-friend's house now. I was with L for a night but I just couldn't take it. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, it's just that she gets very moody and stubborn, and I have plenty of other options where people are neither of those things.

Anyhow, I woke up this morning to some lovely stomach pain. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I went to the bathroom, and realizing that the pain was located in the stomach rather than the intestines (yay, EMT training! lol), decided that it would be best to vomit. So I made myself do that... and fairly easily. I hadn't done it since that stint back in March, but I guess it's kind of like riding a bike...

So, yeah. That made me feel better. (I think I had too much fiber yesterday.) So I went back to sleep and finally got some rest.

I had a dream about H. (I've been dreaming about him a lot lately...) I was back in high school, I think, and he asked me for my number so that we could have a phone conversation about some speech I was writing (the grad speech I gave, probably). So he called me that night and asked me to come meet some people, so I went with him to this restaurant, and sure enough, all these people were there. I wished they weren't, but I was gracious and friendly and didn't let on.

Then, we all went to sit down to have dinner (I think I had a curry dish) and suddenly, they all disappeared and it was just H and me. But then the wife appeared and then it suddenly became all about me meeting her. Again, I was gracious and friendly, but I didn't really like her. I agreed with a lot that she said, but she didn't seem genuine.

Then, I think she disappeared again, but I'm not sure. I feel like something good happened, for I wpke up hopeful, but I can't remember. I hope that I do...

It's that time of the month now, and a few days ago, when it was just starting, I weighed myself with my clothes on and was 103.4! Sooo, hopefully by the time I go back up to ctown and see A, I'll be 100.

And then I can take ballet!

And then I can lose a few more pounds and be in the double-digits by the start of the semester!

That would make me ridiculously happy, so hopefully that scale was accurate! My mom's sending mine to ctown, so I guess I'll find out when I get there, which is less than 10 days away!


Anyhow, I know I saw this every post, but I need to get caught up on your blogs again. I'm sorry! I hope you guys are doing well though!

And welcome, new followers!!! I love seeing you guys on my dashboard!

That sounds weird...



  1. Awesome! Hopefully when you get your scale you're down to 100, that'd be great. :)

  2. Congrats on 103 with clothes! You'll be in the double-digits soon! Stay strong. :)

  3. yay on your success! I would absolutely love to ballet, I've always always wanted to, but I think I'd be embarrassed to take a beginner's class as an adult.