Monday, June 13, 2011


Question: So where am I?

Answer: I'm at my dad's in the kitchen eating really cold grapes. Which some people consider negative calories, but I count them as 0.

I love fruit.

I forgot how nice it can be to stay here. My dad and his gf eat really healthy, and they live in a little city so they walk everywhere.

Yesterday we went into new york and walked for hours, just wandering. It was nice. I've missed the city so, so, SOOO much!!! I mean, it's my city. It WAS my city for 19 years... and kind of still is since I go to school upstate, but it used to be so close. I'd hop on a train and I'd be there.

I LOVE planes, but I shouldn't have to use one to get here, you know?

I love my mom and my brothers, but I'll never be able to live with them, really, again. I can't not live on a coast... especially my beloved east coast. Especially near/ in my beloved city.

This is turning out to be a bit of a love letter...

Anyhow, as we were walking around I realized that I never want to leave this area ever again. I mean, my school isn't too close, but it's an awesome school. The degree will do so much for me, and I love it! But I don't want my permanent abode to ever not be in the new york metropolitan area ever again. This is my home. It's where I grew up and where most of my friends are. San francisco, LA, DC, and Portland are cool, but I can't see myself living anywhere but here, really.

Which is kind of a revelation for me. Because now I'm thinking columbia (or nyu if I decide to pursue screenwriting of go for an mfa) for grad-school. And next summer I want to try to rent a place in the city. It won't be cheap so I'll have to find a job and start saving, but I think it'll be worth it. Even if it's only for a month.

And maybe I can get my 2 best friends to go in on it with me! It would be cheaper AND tons of fun!

I love them. I should be seeing them in less than an hour!!! I'm ridiculously excited. I haven't seen them in person since winter break!

I HATE that my mom and brothers don't live here anymore. It kills me. It makes me feel like someone punched me in th sternum.

But one of my brothers in having a tough transition, so I told him that if he wants to go to high school with his old friends, he can stay with me. That would be in five years, so I'd probably be in grad-school, but if he lived with me, my mom would have to help pay the rent.

And I adore him. He's an awesome kid. He's one of those low-maintenance middle-children. And so sweet. And never a trouble-maker.

And he wants to go to college where I do!!! How cute is that??? I love it. It means he looks up to me. AND it would be really cool if he went there... and he's definitely on track! He's ridiculously smart... like, genius-level, so if he keeps his grades up, he'll get in I bet!

I'm sorry for bragging, I'm just really proud of him. :)

Well, I've gotta go have breakfast and then it's off to stay with my lovely friends!!!

Have an awesome day, guys! :)


  1. It was my DREAM to live in NYC. I would stay up late dreaming about the shitty little flat I would get for $2000/month but I would love it more than anything in the world. *sigh*

    But then I got knocked up lol. But you can do it - you NEED to do it. Or you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Go be free, go live your dream in NYC before it's too late.

    And while you're there, go take the Sex & the City bus tour. It's AWESOME hahaha

  2. I still dream of living in NYC. When I was getting close to finishing school, I would search for job postings in PR or Communications in NYC. I applied to a lot of places including retail levels at boutiques and designers hoping that I could move up to something more along my lines. I never got a call for anything. Probably because I'm Canadian and there are thousands to Americans applying as well. Still (sorry for the ramble) all I know is that ONE day I will either live in NYC or I will own a place so I can visit whenever I want.

    Who knows maybe something will turn up for me. I totally think you should go back. There's some sort of energy that just fills you and excites you. Paris doesn't even compare to NYC (apart form the vast history) I didn't get that sense of awe and fulfilment there.

    Oh well I could go on and on and on so I'll just stop here. lol

    Oh, on your comment on hot yoga. It is FANTASTIC. It's so cleansing and relaxing. A real good cardio workout too. My favourite is Bikram because it focuses a lot on the core and stability while your generic hot yoga is almost a basic Hatha class with more breathing exercises. I find Bikram is a lot more extensive in the parts you workout.

  3. NYC born and raised here. Nothing like flying back at night, with all the lights to tell you there's no place like home. Enjoy it! xo

  4. Oh give my love to NYC, god damn I've been missing it the last couple of days. I'm actually looking at a master's program at NYU, how awesome would that be?

    I went to college not too far away from the city, and used to go in on the weekends/on my breaks for the last four years. One of my best friends moved out there and got all skinny actually...NYC will do that to you, I think. I've vowed not to go back there until I'm under 130 lbs (hopefully octoberish) so I'd like to be back to visit all my friends then (the ticket is one of my goal weight rewards).

    Aw shit, maybe I'll dedicate a post to NYC too pretty soon, it's a fantastic ride, eh?

  5. new york sounds divine, and im glad youre figuring out what you want to do. i wish i could do the same. hope you continue your good time in the city. <3 stay lovely.

  6. So glad you're back where your heart is! I hate my city, it's a dump! Seriously, the urgliest city in the world! The country areas surrounding it, though...Magic! <3. XXX.

  7. Being around other healthy people is such a great motivation to stay on track :)

    And NYC! Big cities are the best. SO much walking around, it's awesome.

    Hope you have fun at your dad's!