Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a fun fact

weighing yourself at least once a week increases your chances of weight loss 6x.

good stuff, right? i just saw it on twitter and thought i would share :)

speaking of which, ive decided to only weigh myself once a week because everyday makes me crazy. i get all frustrated and worked up and then i binge.

not good.

but today has been successful! 1000 cal. it feels so good :)

ps. I GOT 3 NEW FOLLOWERS!!! hey, guys! you're awesome.

you're ALL awesome! :)

alright. enough of that ;) ive gotta do a real post-- like, on my laptop-- so that i can use capitol letters appropriately and include thinspo. it will happen soon, i swear!


  1. Good for you! Personally I have an obsession with weighing myself once a day... I don't think I could give it up.

  2. yeah I can only stop weighing myself once a day when I stay at a friend's houses. Even my year travelling didn't make a difference, I still came home and weighed myself everyday. Although when you track on a weekly basis I do agree it's better.

  3. I'm without scale right now and it's driving me a little nutty, because I won't have one for another 9 days. eep! but in the long run, I think once a week is much better, it'll keep you saner at least. Although did I mention what happened with my scale two weeks ago? Battery was low and every morning no matter what I ate or didn't eat, I would go up one pound. For a fucking week. Jesus, I was so happy to switch it out.

  4. I weigh myself almost constantly... even at the girls place where i'm staying right now... eep lol.

  5. if i dont know my weight every morning, i think im more likely to binge. its odd. although i am disappointed when something doesnt go right. :/ oh, well. glad you had a successful day. stay lovely. <3

  6. THAT'S GREAT! 1000 calories is PERFECT! you're heading on the right track. Good for you giiiirl! Keep it up :)

  7. I can see the pros and cons of weighing yourself once a week. I always get so aggrevated when the scale jumps up in a day or twos time and am more likely to fuck everything and binge but somehow it keeps my resolve strong to stay on track!

  8. I dont always way myself... sometimes i forget!! which is wierd.
    I try to do it every sunday.

    could you check out my blog? i dont post very much... only having 1 follower doesnt inspire me to post..hahah.