Friday, June 17, 2011


  1. Yesterday I wasn't hungry. I had to eat a tortilla wrap, though, because my friend seemed really weirded out. And as I ate it, I felt like I'd needed it. So, yesterday's intake was 500 cal.
  2. I weighed myself after taking a shower, wet, fully-clothed, and with a huge towel on my head. I was 106, which I was relieved about.
  3. I feel less numb now. 
  4. Check out Fed Up's "Lessons Learned" page. I'm finding it extremely helpful!
  5. Question: Has anyone been on lexapro and/ or wellbutrin and noticed weight loss or gain from either/ the combination of both?
  6. I've decided to stay here until I head back up to CTown. Now all I have to do is call expedia.
  7. I bought $90 worth of really cute clothes yesterday. They fit, but will look even better when I'm back in the double-digits.
Cheers, K


  1. Even all wet you're still skinny! Yay!

  2. I was on Lexapro when I was pregnant so I can't really tell you how it would effect weight. I was on Welbutrin like 8 months after I had my daughter and it didn't effect my weight I don't think. I might have been a little less hungry but it wasn't much. And it really didn't help my depression at all. I quit taking it and no one noticed at all. I had a loss of appetite from amitriptyline but it caused bad dry-mouth and I bruised super easy.

  3. Hooray for shopping!!! I Love getting new clothes. Glad you are finding my lessons learned tab helpful!!

  4. I was on Lexapro and didn't notice any difference in weight. Keep in mind, though, that I'm always on Adderall (now on Vyvanse) which is a stimulant and causes weight loss.

    The boyfriend is on Wellbutrin and he hasn't had issues with weight gain. At the beginning, it actually helped him lose weight.

    Yay for new clothes!