Friday, July 1, 2011

I just purged. a lot. more than I ever have before. it took 49 min.

I just couldnt resist. I was out fairly late last night and I feel like being tired had a negative impact on my willpower.

But I think I got it up so I think Im only a bit over my deficit.

I dont mean to be so gloom and doom though. Ive had a great couple of days! I was staying with some more family friends and one of them is my age. weve had a pretty long history, and its nice that we can just sort of pick up where we left off.

anyhow, atm Im babysitting and then Im going back to Ls house for two nights and then Im leaving for ctown. Im nervous as hell for that. I mean, Im gonna be living with this guy. he will most likely see me without my  makeup, hear mej go to the bathroom...
its just very... foreign to me, living with a guy like that. Ive only lived with my brothers. and what if he doesnt like me any more? what if he never did in the first place.

I could have sworn he did but now c keeps telling me to move on. did I tell you that? well, I dont want to. I wanna get what I want!

and I wanna be 100 by the time my scale arrives. thats sooo happening. Ive decided not to spend any money theere that I didnt make.

should be interesting... well see.

48 hours.


  1. living with a guy will be good for motivation and will power. and if he can't accept you for how you are without makeup and while taking a poo, then he doesn't deserve you!

    stay strong, pretty lady!

  2. Guys actually do prefer girls without too much make-up, my boyfriend is always telling me that I shouldn't wear it. Also I have pulled some hot men when going out with just mascara on - it's all about appearing confident and chatty, there's something magnetic about that apparantly (according to ALL my guy friends anyway). Boys live with sisters and mothers so I wouldn't worry too much, don't be ashamed of being human :) You'll be great and it'll be a fab experience.