Saturday, June 4, 2011


a bit of a gain, but from what i hear, that can happen sometimes and mean nothing.

besides, i had 1100 which is a solid 200 cal below my bmr.

so im at chez grandma. it is like being in a sauna if you arent sitting by thr air conditioning

according to my mom, our apt complex thing has a fitness room which i should really go to. even just sitting on an exercise bike and reading is good. i used to do that in our basement. when we had a basement. and an exercise bike.

good times.

im sorry. im feeling really snarky today. i think im just angry. i miss feeling at home and having my friends around. everyone i know here has other people, so they dont need me.

im sorry. im a downer right now. and im craving red vines. maybe if i go to the fitness thing today i will let myself have some if i go buy some...

but im afraid to exercise,to tell you the truth. im terrified of bulky legs. and of muscle that will confuse my weight loss. ki mean, i know exercise is supposed to help you lose weight... i want to dance but i think im too late to enroll in a class, and besides, i shall be gone for at least two weeks. i know that already.and im not  comfortable enough here to attend any of those open classes. and they require leotards anfd frankly that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

maybe yoga. they offer that at the club we joined. if i can fgure out how to drive there, maybe... but id also need aappropriate attire.

can you see how it happens that i can go weeks without getting anything done?

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  1. That happens to me too! I'll want to join a class or go to the gym or run or do something, then i'll think about how im scared of meeting new people, or how i'll probably have no time and hence cannot make any commitment to a class, or how things will go wrong etc. And then i'll get nothing done (:

    Hugs, M.