Monday, July 18, 2011

Question remembered:

Have any of you ever done a (colon) cleanse?

I wanna try one before the summer's over, and I'm looking for suggestions!

(My body thanks you.)

:) K


  1. I looked into Master Cleanse a few weeks back, and it sounded pretty effective and some people really love it. The downside is all you can consume is that stuff for three days or a week or something, and it has to be freshly prepared which means you would have to carry fresh lemons, cayanne peppers and maple syrup in your purse. Yeah, that might raise a couple eye brows. But if you find one you like, please let me know!

  2. I haven't but I really want to. I've heard skinny girl green lemonade is a really good and gentle colon cleanse. I've been thinking of trying it.

  3. I've tried that salt water flush part of the master cleanse. It made me retain water and I gained a pound but I think I lose that pound the next day. I've taken the Iso-Cleanse PM QuickTrim pills. I never took them as directed though. It said 4 pills a day but I took 1 most of the time and occasionally 2. But I think it's only sold with the Iso-Burn AM pills. I think it had cost like $20-25 if I remember correctly. I don't know of a really good cleanse. You'll just kind of have to pick the one that sounds best to you.

  4. hey thanks so much it was a lovely comment!
    master cleanse is safe from what i know if you do it for three days, but i ve heard you have to see a specialist for a colon cleanse... but i am not an expert...

  5. i haven'[t but i really want to...apparently they do wonders for your body, i think it would be an amazing way to start a diet!

    if you have one let us know what you think!