Friday, July 15, 2011


Thank goodness. Really. I think taking the vitamin C and alternating between drinking yerba mate and green tea in the morning is helping. (knock on wood!)

To keep from getting discouraged, I've decided to only weigh myself once a week, after a good day (calorie-wise) and a good sleep.

Now I've got about 40 days and 4 pounds to lose. I NEED TO DO THIS!

Any tips?

Has anyone seen Harry Potter? I went last night at midnight and it was FANTASTIC! I don't cry during movies (except Toy Story 3), but I cried several times during it.

And at the end I was bawling!

Crazy, crazy night.

Also, I believe I have a new follower. Welcome, welcome!!! :)



  1. 4 lbs in 40 days isn't hard. That's less a pound a week. Just eat healthy and watch your calories and exercise. 103.2 lbs is great!

  2. I'm seeing Harry Potter later tonight, and I already warned my Mom I'm going to cry when Snape dies (and a few others). What I'm laughing at is all the people on facebook and twitter yelling about spoiler warnings? I'm like WTF, the books came out years ago, read the fucking books, you're not a HP fan if you haven't yet (then again, I'm a book fan, and not really a fan of the movies, but I go because I'm hardcore).

    I choose sundays as my offical weigh in day, which makes the ups and down during the week a bit easier (as I typically can't go more than a day without weighing myself). It may also help you to measure instead of weigh, so at least you feel like you're keeping track. For me its a measurement that I'm not getting bigger (even though I always convince myself that I'm getting bigger).

  3. I can't wait for Harry Potter tonight!! :D

    You can totally drop the 4 pounds in 40 days. Lots of veggies, water, and exercise!


  4. Yeah you can make it. :D

    I watched Harry Poter and it was awesome.
    I almost cried when Snape died [ I know it would happen, but it was so sad].

    We are the Harry Potter Generation! Hahaha. :]

    Btw I love your blog, I just discovered it.
    Sorry for the lack of english.
    I'm a german girl. :D

    Greetings ♥

  5. I want to watch HP so bad! I am so jealous! You can do this, and beautiful beautiful pictures!