Saturday, July 23, 2011

101.2 and more photos

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! I literally stepped on the scale and was like whaaa? And it took me a few seconds to realize that it was/ is a very good thing.

Less than 2 lbs 'til I'm back in the double digits! That's INSANE.

I CANNOT screw this up.

It's really, really hot here so I'm feeling pretty sluggish so how about we just move on to some photos?

Question: What do you think it means when a guy is more shy around you than other people?

Also, hellooo new followers!!! Welcome, welcome! <3

:) K


  1. I think the guy might like you. :]
    Gosh, you're so pretty thin. ♥
    & you can be happy, that's hot.
    Here where I live is just rainy autumn weather, in july!
    God, I'm so confused: Amy Winehouse died!
    I wish you a good time, whatever you do.

  2. OMG yayy!!! that is so exciting, congratulations! you look great =P good luck getting back to double digits

  3. wow brilliant my lovely, I can't wait until I'm there too! xxxx

  4. Yeah I think he likes you! And you have beauuutiful legs.

  5. well done, your soo close!

  6. That's awesome about your weight! You're making progress :). I would kill for you legs and that thigh gap- seriously! ♥

  7. looking good :) and i think he likes you :) xx

  8. He likes you
    Good luck with double digits

  9. Wow, you've really done a good job! I really envy you. I haven't got a chance to get as low as you (I'm quite tall, and have a heavy bone structure), but someday, I will be skinny(soon I hope!). Right now I'm disgusted with my obese body, but I'm getting a step closer to my goal every day.