Wednesday, July 13, 2011

phone call

So yesterday I was talking to madre, and she was getting kind of frustrated because I was being kind of vague about my plans to visit and so it just kind of slipped out: I told her about A. I didn't intend to, but at the same time I wanted her to know. I mean, my mom's pretty awesome. She's like a friend to me.

So of course she immediately understood. And I was feeling pretty good. And then she had to go all parental and told me to "be safe."

First off, we're nowhere NEAR that point. We haven't even been on a date. We, like, just figured out how to somewhat-flirt with each other.

And second, I SOOO do not want to talk to her about that. Ever. She's cool and I'll talk to her about my relationships, but never about THAT.

(Sidenote: I was at the campus health center this morning and I DID pick up a couple of complimentary condoms. Just in case. Boy is my mom good at getting into my head!)

^^^ huh. These actually kind of work as a collection.

Anyway, then our convo ended up heading in another direction: to H. She knows him somewhat because she's met him on multiple occasions, and she just gets people like him.

Anyhow, she started talking about how he was smitten with me and how she'd been able to tell from the start.

And how when I called him on it in a poem I wrote and read at a rather large gathering, he was embarassed but it made him even more interested.

And she's not a bullsh*tter.

So, in way, this kind of made my life. I mean, it was nice to get some confirmation that I'm NOT crazy, and that this thing-- whatever it was/ is-- was, indeed, two-sided. And that such a handsome and wonderful guy could have interest in me.

But I also wish I'd known this before-- when he was somewat available. I was too young, that's true, but what if I could have done something?

I'm glad we had that conversation, though. I'm glad I know.

And now I have A to work on. Good ol' age-appropriate A, with whom I'M smitten. With whom I'm seeing a movie tomorrow (even though it's not a date), and who, in his shy, little way, has expressed interest. I think. (Though obviously I was underestimating H's interest. I always assumed he just thought I was kind of cute and pretty interesting.)

Gosh, I'm nervous.

He's leaving on a short trip in a couple of weeks, so I wanna make a move. And since I've become a somewhat impatient person, I want to make a move NOW. (aka either tomorrow at/ before the movie or Friday when we're supposedly gonna be drinking)


I really, really like him. I mean, I think I'll always have SOME feelings for H, and if in the future we're ever both single...

But he's no longer the priority. And that, I think, makes all the difference.


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  1. Hey! Thanks for the comment :). Love the pics, and your mum sounds like a sweetheart. I don't think you need any tips for advancing on A! Just do it! Don't come on too hard too late, i.e. flirt before the drinks are involved not just suddenly once everyone is drinking, but I am sure it doesn't matter. He'll probably be overjoyed either way.