Monday, July 18, 2011

Photo update: July 2011

I think I should do one of these every month, to keep track, etc.

Yep. That's me.

GAHHH! I had a question to ask you guys, but I forgot it. Maybe I'll write a little and see if I can remember it. I think it had something to do with grapes...

The A Thing:

So I didn't see him AT ALL yesterday (go me?), so I had some time to do some (over)analyzing. This is what I've come up with: he's acting weird because

  1. he was interested, but my being a virgin freaked him out
  2. " but my coming on so strongly(ish) freaked him out
  3. " but he didn't appreciate hearing me insulting him loudly through the open kitchen window
  4. " but my general awkwardness made him lose interest
  5. any combo of #s 1-4
  6. he never liked me, so it matters not

I mean, I guess he was SLIGHTLY snappish in general on Friday, so it is SLIGHTLY possible that he was just in a bad mood... but then again, it's possible that I, Kat not Jas, put him in that bad mood in the first place...

Oh, hey! And we got in trouble for being (and drinking) on the roof because the guy who kicked us off decided to be a little b!tch and tattle on us to the house director BEFORE even talking to us.

So yesterday I wake up from a relaxing nap to this little gem of an email:

A, J, Kat not Jas:

I am VERY disappointed about what happened a few nights ago. It was completely inappropriate and frankly it was rude and disrespectful. You know the house rules and have common sense. I didn't think it needed to be spelled out for you that the fire escapes are only to be used in emergencies, i.e. things like, you know, escaping fires. They are not there for recreational purposes, and A, there is a responsibility in having a room with a fire escape that I would have thought you could be counted on to handle. It's a shame all of you weren't more mature. Including you, J, an older Brother. 

This blatant disregard for the house, city, and landlord's rules, and disrespect for your House Manager and Brother, whose absence you clearly took advantage of, is extremely insulting. Not only that, but you were thoughtless and it's almost a slap in the face to all your Brothers in [our organization]. You all know that the previous long term renter's of our house put it on a police watch list due to reckless behavior. That is one of the reasons why, as you all also know, there is no drinking outside the house, like on the porch. Let alone on the roof. If the police had seen you, or our landlord had found out, can you not imagine any potential consequences? Does that seem like the kind of problem a landlord cares to have to deal with of their tenants, especially in a town when there is no shortage of demand so there would surely be hardly a difficulty in finding other tenants? You are looked at as [our organization]. It is [our organization] who rents the house, not individuals. So the actions of the individuals in the house reflect as [our organization] to our landlord. It is the actions of the individuals who effect the relationship with the landlord and the renewing of our lease each year so that [our organization] continues to have a house.

All of this in addition to the obvious fact that it was dangerous, especially while drinking, and any of you could have easily gotten hurt. All it would have taken was one slip of your footing. 

It has also not been lost on me that you may have initially tried to ignore, feign ignorance of, or avoid responsibility in regards to [little b!tch who told on us] finding you there and his response. I hope that this further disrespect of another Brother is not true. And I expect no ill will from any of you towards him in the future as a reaction to his actions about this. 

I hope that I can trust that there won't be more behavior like this from the three of you.


Ok, it wasn't the best idea that we ever had, but there's A LOT of sh!t wrong with this. Like, for instance, hr assumption that I was aware of any house rules. Ummm... no? I heard that the room was opening up, I fb messaged the guy, we decided on a price, and he told me what day to come.

That's it. C'est tout.

So no, I'm NOT feigning ignorance, thank you very much. Maybe I should have assumed that the roof was off-limits, but EVERYONE who has a roof like ours in this town chills on it.

Also, I love how she talks about drinking outside being a non-no when that's EXACTLY what the guy who found us did on his bday. Should I email her and tell her that HE wasn't obeying the rules? No. Because I'm not five!

But I think my favorite part is that she seems to believe that this involved some forethought-- that we waited til the House Manager was gone AND THEN went on the roof. F*ck no. We would have gone anyway because none of us remember/ know the rules and because it was a completely spur of the moment thing.

I'm just really angry, and frankly disappointed, that the guy who found us didn't at least wait until the morning and talk to us first. When he said he'd sent an email, I thought he'd sent just a general reconstruction of what happened so that she could send out a general email to everyone (which she did 5 hours she sent this gem to us) to tell us not to do this.

But, no. He goes and names names.

If he was TRULY only worried about our safety, why would he HAVE to do this? Now we're all pissed  and in bad standing with the house director, so thanks. Next semester's gonna be fun.

Again, it was NOT the smartest move, but it's summer and we attend one of the most intense and stressful colleges in the country and we wanted to have fun and do something just a teensy bit out there. We didn't mean any harm.

Ugh, guys. I'm sorry I keep dumping all this stuff on you guys! This can't be fun to read. Hopefully things will start looking up...

And I still can't remember what I was gonna ask you. :'(

Hey! Here's a good thing: all this stress has triggered some of my stomach issues and made me not hungry. So I've been eating about 800 cal... and I'm pretty much force-feeding myself because I'm paranoid that my metabolism is gonna shut down and I'll end up gaining weight in a few weeks...

So, yeah. That's my story!

How are you guys?


ps. Welcome, new followers!!! I can't believe there are over 70 of you! That's crazy! Love you all <3


  1. Yeah that's BS. "No ill will"? Umm, if I were in that situation I would totally hold a grudge against that guy, especially since he did something similar in the past. I don't know if you're a confrontational type of person but I'd call him out on it and tell him if he ever does anything similar I'll go straight to the house director too. I'm not above sinking to others' level, but again that's just me. Oh well, hope your week goes better and A stops being weird.
    ♥ Toni

  2. hopefully things will work out with A - it did seem that he likes you from your previous posts!

  3. Ugh, your house needs to pull the sticks out of its ass! I think that is a serious over-reaction to you guys just having some fun. Everything will be fine soon, I am sure!

  4. Hi! Ive just read through your blog and wanted to say hi :D