Tuesday, July 12, 2011


First, a question: What's the most accurate scale you've used? I'm looking for a new one, because the one I stole from home is pretty old for an electronic (7? 8 years?) and the one here looks even older.

Any recommendations would be AMAZING! 

Now, onto some news...

I haven't been able to post for a while due to my hectic house-hopping schedule, but now I'm in ctown and have been for a week. And it feels good! It's nice to finally be able to unpack and put my suitcase away... I finally feel secure. Like... I'm sitting in this room I'm renting in this house of this organization I'm involved in, and for the next month, it's MINE. I'm paying for it-- well, I'm TRYING to but the job hunt isn't going so well... But it's mine. I'm independent here. I can come and go as I please and I take care of my own meals (I'VE MISSED THIS SO MUCH).

I mean, I miss my family of course. I love them. But right now I can't be with them. I hadn't had time to process what a change it would be, so when I got to their new abode... I just couldn't handle it. Next time, I'll need to be ready. (And now my mom's guilting me into coming back next month which is superb...)

By Thanksgiving, I think I will be.

But right now, I'm so happy to be where I am. I LOVE this place. I love my university and I love the town where it's in. At the very least, I'd like to reture here, because it's just the coolest place. EVeryone is really artsy and relaxed and vegetarian or vegan (!!!), so I feel like I fit here. I walk into town and I feel like I'm with people I understand.

Though some people are pretty out there. ;)

But, yeah. Aside from the occasional boredom (most people in the house are taking classes or working during the day), I'm having the best time! I really am...

And it's definitely a plus that A's here. I feel like we're already more comfortable with each other, and we've gone out in a group, which is kind of the first step to dating, right? 

Tonight we're mini-golfing with a couple of ther people, and on Thursday we're going to see HP with a group, but we'll be in a separate theatre from everyone else (because we bought our tickets later... but I'm certainly not complaining!). 

He's shy, so I've been learning how to make the first move/ initiate conversations with him (which, being a shy gal myself, is really good for me), and I think I'm helping to ease both of us into the idea that we could date/ be a couple.

And the best thing is that I think he might be interested! (fingers crossed)

Cliffnote version of a long-ish story: he thought I was asking him to come to a movie with him and he looked really disappointed because he was supposed to be homeward-bound before that.

I just really want this to work out, because I think that it could. It's just difficult sometimes for me to figure out what's too forward (I'm pretty sure I haven't crossed that line yet haha) and what isn't quite forward enough for a shy guy like him.

Any tips? On this or the scale!

And now, I have a LOT of catching up to do on your wonderful blogs!

:) K


  1. I'm so glad you're finally settled in! Family is stressful, to be sure, so it must be wonderful to be free, though you undoubtedly love them. I'm so glad things are working out with A, as well! xx

  2. I'm glad you like where you are staying now. Good luck finding a job! I've been looking since like April although I didn't put too much effort into it until about a month ago. I hope things go well with A. I'm the shy type too and it's hard to figure out what is too forward and what is too subtle when trying to date a guy. I had a guy friend talk to the guy I like to try to find out if he liked me/drop hints that a guy would pick up that I liked him. It helped a lot.
    I've never had a digital scale. I'm stuck with a normal one and somewhat guessing. It has its good points and bad points I guess.
    Stay strong.

  3. I know from being friends with guys that they (shy guys especially) don't take hints well.. I gave my current bf soo many hints, and talking about it now, he was so clueless! He didn't even know I liked him until one night when we watched a movie and I scooted all close to him and put my head on his shoulder, even then he said he wasn't sure.
    Good luck finding a job, I know how hard it can be, just be persistent