Monday, August 8, 2011

welcome to my neuroses

hey, guys! sorry i've been gone. i was on a thinspo binge (i've collected A LOT... and, of course, i will slowly share it with you!) and then i was summoned to my mother's abode to attend my grandpa's funeral. and then i felt guilty because i wasn't that sad because i didn't really know him.. and then i felt guilty about feeling guilty because i don't think he would have wanted that. and then i felt guilty about feeling guilty about feeling guilty because that's just stupid/ a waste of time.

i weighed myself right when i got there and i was 100.2. on the scale that said i was 106 at the beginning of the summer.

but something about just being there makes me gain. i definitely didn't eat badly.. simply ok, but i'm probably back at 102. (i look puffier, at least.)

i got back yesterday, and i definitely look better today, though, which is good. and today my friend is coming up to visit me which is AWESOME.. but i kind of want some alone time with A (i missed him SOOO much. i swear, as soon as i left, i was like "bleh!!!"), and now i feel guilty for that.

so now i'm guilty x4.. plus one more guilty for just writing about my grandpa in this post like it's nbd.


new followers, i'm not usually this un-fun. I SWEAR.

anyhow, i'm way, way behind on your blogs! in a few days, my friend will be gone and i will catch up. pinky promise.



  1. Your weight is just amazing. I wish I was as skinny as you :) Looking forward to the thinspo!

  2. Congrats on the loss... and you shouldn't feel guilty about those things, there's nothing to be done! xx

  3. Congrats on the loss. I wish I could be as lovely as you! xx

  4. Don't feel bad.
    Stay strong.