Monday, December 5, 2011


Again. (It seems.) Like the C and A thing all over again... ish. I'm sorry I keep doing this.


Yesterday, everything was back to normal. I was with a couple of our mutual friends in ctown and we ran into A. He and one of our friends are in the same class so they decided to study together and he asked me if I wanted to study with them (I'm not in the same class, or any class even remotely similar), and I agreed. We ended up staying up until 3 am, studying (which for me is writing papers) and talking about books and careers. At this point it was past 1 (when I tend to start getting a little loopy) and I started talking passionately about how much I want to be a screenwriter, and I looked over at A, and even though our career paths will likely differ greatly, I could tell that he understood and was impressed by what I was saying (or my clumsy enthusiasm).

And he recommended a book to me, which I bought today. I can't wait to read it over break!

And then our friend started talking about his friend's crazy ex-girlfriend (not cool-crazy like me, he assured me), and I was like, "yeah. Some girls can be really crazy" (referring to C) and A was like, "oh yeah. I know one of them" and I could have sworn that he gave me a quick, conspiratorial look (ie. he was talking about C as well). I could have imagined it, but I'm definitely sensing more and more distance between them.

I'm just glad that things were back to normal between us.

Anyhow, back to what this blog is about:

Because I was so busy with them, I ended up eating 700 calories on my 1100 calorie day (yay!). I found some chocolate in my backpack, so I shared it with them, which made me feel good, made them happy, and kept me at such an awesome number.

And then this morning I weighed in at 104.2 lbs again! Yay!

And then I went to lunch with the friend (A was gonna come but he was on a studying-roll) and then I got some coffee and then I went to a little holiday gethering and we watched Elf and I love Zooey Deschanel and now I'm listening to Christmas music and I'm about to watch Glee and I'm HAPPY. And what surprises me is how happy and hopeful I feel right now (maybe the caffeine rush + holiday cheer + having a good talk with my mom about A?) and that absolutely TERRIFIES me because I feel like extreme highs must always be followed by extreme lows; the universe requires balance.

Geez these posts have been long.

I hope that you guys are doing well! And if finals/ midterms are coming up, GOOD LUCK!

o<] K

P.S. ^^^ It's a Santa hat kind of, right?


  1. Happiness is nice to hear about : ) keep up the good work- and hope tomorrow is just as lovely : )

  2. maybe sometimes, happiness is followed by happiness? i hope that's the way it is with you! i'm glad you had a good day, xo.

  3. Enjoy the highs! Lows are inevitable, but enjoy the highs and remember them :) It makes getting through the lows worth it <3