Tuesday, December 13, 2011

#occupytheelliptical +FIN +measurements

So... I've started going to the gym the past couple of days because each machine has an individual TV and I can watch Friends. Ha! But I stay on for an hour (2 episodes) and burn 400 calories, so that's pretty good. And I always leave feeling pretty great.

In fact, I'd forgotten how awesome it feels to step out into the cold right after a workout, in shorts and a thin fleece and feeling invincible because eveyone's walking around in pants and wool coats, shivering. Like, SUCK IT!!!

Sorry. I'm in kind of a weird mood because I just handed in my portfolio which means that I'm DONE FOR THE SEMESTER!!!! Hell yeah!!!

I'm still kind of in denial. I mean, I'll be here until the weekend (damn flight) and I've got stuff to do--like the fitting tomorrow.

Did I tell you that story? My short-term memory has REALLY been acting up lately. I guess I'll tell it again as quickly and painlessly as possible.

So, it was C's bday (yuck) and she, E, A, and I were sitting in A's room and E is talking about how her friend is designing for their program's annual fashion show (which I think is a big-ish deal) again and how she's getting their friend to model again and all the sudden she turns to me and she's like, "You'd actually be perfect."

And I was like, "What? Have you seen how tall I am?" because I'm 5'2! Me runway-modeling? That's insane!

And she goes, "No, no! You'd be perfect! Our friend is small too. You guys are probably just about the same height. And your hair is really similar... omg you guys would match! It's too perfect!"

"Really?" And she has me stand up and she takes a picture on her phone and sends it to her friend.

And she's like, "Totally. You're a model-size... and she's looking for people who have an interesting look, and your face is interesting and pretty." (I didn't really need to include that part but I thought it was really nice of her. I love E <3)

Her friend liked my picture, and when I went to meet her in person, she agreed that I'd be good.

So tomorrow she measures me. I should have planned ahead--stayed away from bread, etc.--because I don't want her to have buyer's remorse. Maybe I'll tell her I'm on my period? I do plan on continuing to lose weight, but I guess these are just preliminary measurements...

Bah. I'm rambling. Because I'm nervous because I'm not sure if I want to know the numbers.

But I'm not going to lie; I'm curious as hell.

Have a terrific evening, everyone!


  1. Aw, I hope it goes well!
    I would never be able to be a model, I am too short and fat, haha.
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  2. I'm sure you'll do great! And could you post the measurement of your thigh at the biggest part (which doesnt seem to be very big... unlke mine..) It's ok if its uncomfortable for you though (: oh and merry christmas!

  3. Curiousity can do strange things with your mind.

    / Avy

  4. where have you gone? its been half a year ): i hope that you've just been busy and that nothing bad has happened ):

  5. I have no idea why I was gone for such a long time! I guess I decided to take a blogging break during winter break...? I don't know. But I think I'm back now. :)