Thursday, February 10, 2011

104 lbs, 10.8% fat

so by my calculaions I'm holding onto an extra 10 pounds that aren't really necessary...


anyhow, this is pretty sub-par and tomorrow I MUST be back into the 103s or I'm going to have a meltdown. Seriously.

 was thinking about when I left for college... I was 96 pounds then! And a whole lot of that was muscle. I NEED to get back to that. I can't be one of those freshman 15 stereotypes.

so I'm going to get back to that. By April. By the Yule Ball. (Yes, Harry Potter fans. The YULE-frickin'-BALL!!! <3) There will be dresses and cameras and therefore I need to look fabulous. Amazing.

And what if D is there? Perhaps I can win him once and for all!

(I saw him, by the way. Very briefly, but it was nice. And he smelled really good)  ;)

P.S I WILL catch up on all of your blogs! I'm sensing a free afternoon today... :)

P.P.S please remind me to NEVER eat dried fruit ever again. It tastes good, but it reeks so much havoc; it simply isn't worth it.


  1. I drean about being 104lbs! I'm such a FATASS!! We have a phenominon known as 'first year spread'! It only hit me in third year. I'm always the last one in line! Too bad I'm still spreading! FML!

    Oh wow, a ball? How awesome! I hope you know that your followers want pics of dress abd hair ideas, Missy!

    Hope you snag that boy. Hook him, Baby, yeah! One time! <3. XXX.

  2. Oh yeah? Well we have QUIDDITCH at our school. Yeah -.-

  3. Uni sucks. The only "fun" things are drinking until you fall down drunk and other things that will haunt your attempt to gain a career later in life. Lol.

    Ball sounds fun. The freshie 15 eh. Somehow I "miraculously" lost a freshie 30. Something to do with eating only a bowl of cereal and a sandwich a day and walking everywhere.... :P It's all about determination. I'm pretty sure most of those 15 come from booze. Beer has a bajillion calories, and mixed drinks with regular pop even more, don't get me started on the fun and fruity cocktails!! You're a smart girl, keep your determination and you'll do fine.

    .... wait, did she just say they have Quidditch? The gullible part of me is thinking out the logistics of implementing this sport lol.

  4. if i ever see 104. i may just throw myself my own yule ball.
    have fun at that, btw!
    im sure youll look dashing. (:

    stay lovely. <3

  5. Hahaha. We have Quidditch too! I have yet to observe an actual game, though... how DOES that work? ;)

    And cereal and a sandwich? Sounds good to me!

    And :)

  6. Ah... there's nothing quite like a good-smelling man! If I was queen of the world my servants would chase men down the street sprinkling them with cologne :)