Tuesday, February 15, 2011

102.8, 10.3 % fat

I must not go back to 103. I must not go back to 103...

Never again.

Why, hello, Miranda! Fancy seeing you today. (I'm REALLY tired. Can you tell?)

So, yesterday I had a dessert day: 250 cal of real food, 800 cal of vegan chocolates. LOL. It was pretty awesome AND I stayed wthin my happy 1000 (or below!) to 1100 range.


I'm gonna go before I make even more of an arse of myself ;)

Have a WONDERFUL day, everyone!!!


PS. I'm going to get caught up on your blogs! It's gonna happen!


  1. Good work, Sweetie!

    Hope you have a good one too. <3. XXX.

  2. I'm losing control... I'm overeating (>2500 cal) every single day for the past two weeks. i really packed on the pounds and now even my muffin top's back! Any advice?

    And good luck, hope you never, ever hit 103pounds ever again in your entire life :D I'm behind you :)

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