Saturday, February 12, 2011

103.6 lbs, 10.8% fat

That fat just ain't budging.

Other than that, thank goodness I'm back in the 103s!!! I've been eating waaay too much (1300-1500 cal) and a lot of it is ver fiberous.... why am I so damn self-destructive?

But yesterday I had a net of 1050 and I am DETERMINED to get back on track... especially because I shall have an interview next week and I need to look my very best!

So I've been going through your blogs to get all caught up... there's something immensely sad about finding out that someone left the blogging world. A few people did, actually, while I was gone. I mean, it's good if they leave to go into recovery. That right there is bravery. But I feel like all too often it means descending deeper into the rabbit hole.

Intentional or not.

What I'm getting at is that we, for better or worse, are each other's support systems for this shared facit of our lives. I discovered blogging two years ago but it feels like its been much longer because I can't imagine, at this point, leaving this world behind. For me, that would mean suffering in silence, and that's something that no one should have to do.



  1. I feel so much the same- It's become something stable in my life, always being able to turn to these blogs and my own and document my experience and receive support. It shocks me when someone leaves, but I assume it's not really sudden to them. They've probably been considering it for a while, and they reached a point where they were level enough on their own to continue trying without the help.

    Awesome thinspo, congrats on getting back into the 103s!


  2. Oh God... the idea of being without this community.. That would kill me. I was so depressed and s*** before I found pro ana <3

  3. I think there are a lot of reasons people leave. But it makes me sad, too. Partly just for selfish reasons. I have tried on a number of occasions to stop blogging, but it leaves such a yawning loneliness - you realise that Other People don't see food the way you do, don't see the self the way you do, don't see worth, or significance, or success, or failure, or right, or wrong, or perfection in the same way that you do, and you realise you're all alone.
    A little depressing; sorry!
    Congratulations, your GW1 is so close! I'm happy for you :)
    Sophie xx