Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Gah. I love american apparel. And Bunny Holiday, though I can't say I completely understand her.

Last I checked (which was maybe a few weeks ago?), I was 113. My goal is stilll to get down to 110 by the time the semester starts (which is exactly 3 weeks from now= I need to lose a pound a week).

I'm with my family right now, eating well for the most part; on the way here, I stopped back at school for a few days (to drop stuff off, etc.) and A was there (remember him?) and we hung out every day and drank and it was wonderful (and I realized that I still have plenty of feelings for him...blah), but alcohol= calories so those few days weren't great. And I'm headed back again on Saturday, so I need to a) keep my calories in check and b) figure out what the hell is going on with us.

I hope this all makes sense; I'm really tired.

Also my knee still hurts which really sucks because I want to start going to yoga again asap!


My internship ended on a great note. I was sad to leave, and they were sad to see me go. If they have an opening after I graduate, I think they'll definitely consider me... which is awesome because a) money and b) I don't feel like going to or applying to grad school. And also my best friends are all planning on being in the city after graduation, so that would be awesome.

I'm boring.

I hope you're all well!


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