Saturday, July 6, 2013


I weighed myself on Thursday. 112 again. Could be worse since last week was so crappy but I want to start losing again! Like, come on now. Somehow I did this before-- exactly 4 years ago. How did I do it? I wish I had my old exel documents from the time so that I could see how much I was eating. Maybe I sent them to myself at some point...?

Anyhow, I did alright this week considering the holiday/ the day after which most us had off from work so it turned into holiday part 2 (alcohol):
M- 1200
Tu- 1200
W- 1100
Th- 2000
F- 2300
And today is looking like it's going to be 1400 which is meh. But it's better than what it was most days during the semester so I'm ok with it.


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