Monday, January 7, 2013

Update part I: the people

Hey, guys! I hope you're all having great days. :)

I realize that since I took a year break, it would be silly to try to catch you up on every little detail of what's been happening (I don't even remember ever little detail; I barely remember the big events), so I'll just give you some highlights here that I think are notable, and then fill you in more as I go on if I find I've forgotten important things.


Part I: the people

  • A: We're both living in the same house, which is actually pretty ok. I decided to demote him from my top priority in the spring semester last year when I realized that we really aren't looking for the same thing right now. I also started really liking this guy, N (he's the one whose jacket I was wearing after the party I wrote about last semester; I'll write more about him, because that's a story). I definitely still have feelings for him; I'm not gonna lie. He recently started having casual sex with a mutual friend. She's really wonderful and I want all the best for her but it still hurt. There is a bright side, however: I think A felt bad about it or something because he's been really really nice and now we're actually becoming friends. I'll take it!
  • C: She's not such a big player in my life anymore, even though she lives in the room next to me (actually). We're both on the tiny 3rd floor of our house (with 2 other people) and A's on the second floor. We had a class together last semester and we're friendly. Like, she'll buy me alcohol (since she's 21) and seltzer (since she knows I like it...which is actually incredibly sweet) and I'll pay her back and we'll hang out in groups together sometimes since we have a lot of mutual friends, but we don't really hang out alone anymore. Sometimes (right now, actually) I wonder if I miss her and debate trying to rekindle our friendship, but the fact is that most of the time she annoys the hell out of me. So that's likely not going to happen.
  • E: She has taken C's place as my go-to person. We grew really really close in the past year, and we spent a ridiculous amount of time together last semester, drinking and smoking...and eating (*shudder*), but we bonded so much that I don't think I'd take any of that back. This semester, unfortunately, she's abroad, but I'm gonna go visit her in mid-March and I'm SO EXCITED! And we text all the time. :)
  • T: Luckily, I also made a new really great friend in the year since I've written. She's my little in the organization and she's super sweet and smart and awesome and she loves to smoke. We both spent the summer at school so we did that together a lot (strangely, I never got the munchies back then) and bonded and now she's one of my best friends. She and E also grew close last semester, so the three of us hung out a lot.
  • D: He's hysterical. He was also at school over the summer (and living in my house!) so we spent a lot of time together--and with T--drinking and smoking, which (you may be able to tell) I've found to be an extremely effective bonding method. Huh.
  • L: She's still probably my best friend. I wish she didn't go to school so far away. :(
  • Y: I've known her since our first semester. She's awesome and a little bit crazy.
  • N: Now we get to him. I've known him since the beginning of both of our freshman year, as we were in class together 4-5 days a week both semesters (with Y too). Then we both joined the same organization, which is how we really got to become friends. I started to have a bit of a crush on him in the spring semester of our freshman year, but I guess it wasn't a huge part of my life because I didn't see any mention of it when I skimmed this whole thing. And then I met A, so I basically pushed him to the side... until spring semester of last year, when we were in the same class again and seeing each other a lot. And then we both got drunk at a party at the end of the semester and ended up making out outside of my dorm. And then it was a little bit awkward because he kind of ( one's really sure) has a gf back home even though he hadn't spoken to her in months, but he was also at school over the summer and hung out with us so we got through it. And now we just seem to be friends who are attracted to each other and flirt inappropriately. And I'm not mad about it.
  • S: Ah, S. I met him in class last semester, and I honestly didn't notice him until I noticed that he had taken a liking to me (which NEVER happens to me EVER). And then I noticed how incredibly attractive he is. We did some pre-dating and it wasn't awkward at all (which, again, NEVER happens) and I started to like him even more. So what's the catch? a) he's a freshman and b) he's been having fun being a freshman and fooling around and so he isn't sure if he wants to commit to anything right now. Sucks. And I still really, really like him. He's probably at the top of my list right now.

So I think those are all the important people I can think of. This ended up being a bit more comprehensive than I'd originally planned, so maybe the best thing to do is to try to really get all of the important stuff out upfront, but to break the large, year-spanning update into smaller chunks.

New deal?

Have a great rest of your days! I'm so glad that some of you are still here. I like my Tumblr and I'll still use it, but I've missed how supportive all of you are.

:) K


  1. sounds like youve had a pretty eventful year! smoking and drinking is definitely a bonding tool. lol.

    stay lovely. <3

  2. Ah, just came upon this. It's good to know what's going on in your life. xx