Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 2: HSGD take 2!

Somehow, after being successful for a whole week, I convinced myself to stop last time ("It's unhealthy!" "You're fine!" blah blah blah).

Why do I always pull shit like that? I mean, I'm really not looking too good nowadays and I have a formal coming up in 2 weeks. Bleh.

So this time I'm completing this. If I know I'm gonna go over, I start saving up calories. That's what's gonne happen.

Also, I know I keep saying that I'm gonna catch up with all of you guys and then I don't so I'm really sorry! This year has just been really hectic so far, but the semester's almost over (yay!) and then I'll have 5 weeks to get back on the blogger track!

:) K

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