Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I got a scale this morning. I stepped on it post-breakfast burrito and I was 107.7. Ew.

I mean... I guess it's not as bad as it could be. I've been off my wagon for--what? A month? And yesterday I ate 1600 calories.

So I guess it could be much worse, but still. I'm getting to 100 by Christmas. (Is that possible?)

In other news, I won't be eating a lot today because my throat's killing me. I think I'm getting some sort of flu: my limbs feel heavy, my body feels sore, and my skin hurts. The friction of soft cotton against my forearm is actually uncomfortable. Wtf?

And I have to travel today-- planes and layovers, and I don't even get in until after midnight. And then tomorrow's Thanksgiving and the next few days I need to do some hardcore work on a paper while, somehow, having bonding time with the fam. I can't afford to be sick!!!


I hope you guys are all doing well, and if you're celebrating tomorrow, have a happy Thanksgiving and try not to stress out too much! You've probably been doing really well, in which case one day can't do much harm. Good luck!



  1. i hope you have a great thanksgiving, and feel better soon xo.

  2. Hey love, we're totally in the same boat - the last month I've been totally off-piste and I'm about 107 at the mo now too. 99 by New Year is my goal.

    I hope we do it! xx

  3. Hope you feel better soon hun, Take care of yourself! xxx

  4. I hope you managed to have a decent Thanksgiving despite your illness, love.
    I hate being sick!
    Here is hoping that you feel much better now. :)
    I am going to follow your blog, by the way. :D
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3