Sunday, October 30, 2011

HSGD: Day 1

So I've decided to do the Heathy Skinny Girl Diet because I felt disgusting this weekend. I was (and still am, sadly) bloated, granted, but it was embarassing. I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while too.

Also, there's a dinner this weekend that I want to look fab for, and then a party next week. And if I could look decent by tomorrow to hopefully go out, that would be nice too, though unlikely.

^^^ That's the link if you're unfamiliar w/ HSGD is. I was until I saw that a few people on here are doing it and decided to look it up.

It looks much more managable than the SGD which I've never even attempted. In fact, today I'm 100 under my limit! Yay!

I'll be so proud of myself once I've kept this up for all 30 days! (<-- positive thinking)

Are any of you on this/ have done it?



  1. Ooh I like this! I'm restricting without really thinking about it at the moment (for once!) because of loads of other shit that's taking up my headspace, but would be good to give it some structure... I might join you on this! Not sure about not counting fruit and veg though - Surely you could end up eith loads of sugar in your system if you binge on fruit...?

  2. *with loads of sugar. Sorry, can't abide people who don't proofread, and now I've just done it!

  3. ya i'm doing this too! and also, I just saw the documentary "fat head" it has A LOT of new information you should check out. netflix it.