Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am SO sorryI

I have been a truly horrid blogger. I really have.

my explanation: the shit has kind of hit the fan for me. some familiy trouble followed my my mother's lovely announcement that they are moving. and far from where I attend uni. thanks.

I know this is what's best so I'm trying to support it, but it's hard. it's hard to watch my family fall apart again. it's hard to realize that I won't be able to go home again. not really, at least.

it's a time of change and I dont' do well with change.

and I feel like I've gained... simply from all the stress. and I want to do well... REALLY well for all of you.

and today I rediscovered Julia Frakes and so maybe...maybe this time...

I will start posting again. I think I am ready.



  1. It's great to find motivation in us, but you should want to do well for yourself, too! I hope you find peace in the changes - sometimes, they're not as bad as we may think!


  2. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been so stressed, I've been worried about you. I hope things sort themselves out soon. Thinking of you, my friend. <3. XXX.

  3. Please come back, you've gone missing for so long ):

  4. where are you? it makes me wanna fly to your country and drag your ass to a computor and force you to blog, except i don't know where you live.please come back, you've gone missing for too long.