Tuesday, May 31, 2011


honestly, i'm relieved. i expected it to be closer to 110. not that i'm happy with this number-- you know i'm not! i want to get down to 90 again, and be in the double-digits by my return to school (late august).

i can do that, right? 7 pounds in 3 months?

i see how a lot of you guys give yourselves rewards for reaching certain sub-goals, and i want to try that. i know that when i get to 90, i want to get full-bangs like zooey deschanel, but on the way? i'm not sure. i like clothes and books, and i started taking ballet, so i could use some dancewear, but i'm not sure how i want to space it out. maybe every 2.5 pounds?

it's kind of exciting!

so, to get you guys up to speed-ish, i just finished my first year of college/ uni, and it was awesome! i really like where i am and i'm excited to go back!

my family has moved, so i'm there/ here right now with them. it's kind of lonely because i'm so far from my friends and the place i consider my home still, but all of my relatives are here, so at least i have them.

my mom replaced our family car which, as stupid as it is, i'm really upset about. i learned how to drive in that car and drove to school every day in it-- i just loved that car. i loved the way it drove, i loved the familiarity... i get (overly) sentimental sometimes. i don't know...

that's all i can think of. hope you guys are doing well! i've gotta catch up on your blogs!


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  1. congrats on making it through your first year of uni, it was easily the hardest for me, and I know how you feel about moving back away from your friends. It's isolating, but I'm trying to take it as an opportunity to focus on getting in shape and not to get distracted by parties with food and drinking. Well, that's the *plan* anyways. Good luck with everything, and let us know if the rewards work well. I have mixed feelings on them because I yo-yo a lot and feel like sometimes I should just give back my rewards or something.